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Roltech's History

Roltech has been leading the way with quality products for over 30 years and here are a few of our milestones:

Won contract with Japan's Bishamon® passing 2 years of vigorous strength, adhesion, load and wear testing.

Visit our PU wheels.
Roltech merged with leading heavy load polyurethane wheels manufacturer.
Our extreme wet water-resistant casters and wheels are ready for market.

Kitchens, bathrooms and saunas around the world will benefit from our water-resistant wheels.

Visit our extreme wet casters.
First prototype of our water-resistant caster and wheels.

These are idea for applications in wet and humid environments.
Roltech's Hi-Rebound TPR wheels pass SGS testing.

Visit our High Rebound TPR Wheels.
Roltech's polymer casters are ready for market after rigorous testing. Our polymer casters are suitable for hospital beds, gurneys and applications in high-humidity environments.

Visit our polymer casters.
Launched our own brand: Roltech
Expanded into all of our neighboring buildings
Created our first high rebound TPR wheels.
Manufactured our first TPR wheels
Made our first perfectly balanced nylon wheels for hospital beds and gurneys.
First injection molded components shipped to USA

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Key Questions

Where are your products made?
Our products are made in Taiwan for dependable quality.
Can we order a few wheels?
We ship wheels by the 1000s from Taiwan.