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    Where are Roltech's products made?

    Our factories are located in Taiwan, so our raw materials and products are 100% Taiwan made. As you know, Taiwan offers the best balance between price and quality. You'll also enjoy a zero CoPQ while working with us.

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    Where are you?

    Our offices and factories are in Taiwan. (GMT -8 hours)

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    Is Roltech a retail outlet?

    We make our wheels in bulk to order, so we don't keep any in stock.

    This means we only accept purchase orders with wholesale quantities.

  • 4)
    What is Roltech?

    We're manufacturers of wheels, casters and caster components.

    Roltech's parent company has been making OEM products and wheels for 30+ years, so they recently launched their own brand.

  • 5)
    What is CoPQ?

    CoPQ = Cost of poor quality

    Experienced buyers know of the low prices from China may be attractive, but poor quality and wastage can erase all cost savings.

    Taiwan's Roltech gives you a zero CoPQ so we offer you the best choice of low pricing and good quality in the long run.

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    What is your minimum order?

    A typical minimum order would have a value of about US$5000.

    Of course, you can mix and match wheel sizes and products to meet your requirements.

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    How many wheels fit into a 20' Container?

    As a rough estimate: 30000 pcs.

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    Do you use Gaylord containers?

    Yes, we can pack your wheels into Gaylord containers. Please tell us at the time of your PO [purchase order].

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Key Questions

Where are your products made?
Our products are made in Taiwan for dependable quality.
Can we order a few wheels?
We ship wheels by the 1000s from Taiwan.